Gerald Bell (@kgbell21) is a local artist with a passion for bringing his ideologies to life. Created with spray paint and stencils, the FWBS team was inspired by Bell's pop-art style and contacted him as quickly as possible to get his art on our bikes. 
Bell created a collection of 13 bikes covered by his original artwork in collaboration with Fort Worth Bike Sharing. His inspiration ranges from fun foods like pizza & donuts to streetwear brands like Supreme. 
The pictures below include the latest releases: The Pizza Peddler and the Baker's Dozen.


FWBIKESY bikes are being released one-by-one at surprise locations across our 62 stations. Set out for a scavenger hunt, and if you find one, stop for a picture and tag us to win a FREE day pass and FWBIKESY tee. Check out Fort Worth Bike Sharing's Instagram (@fwbikesharing) for all information.