Frequently Asked Questions

What can bike sharing be used for?

Bike sharing is perfect for short distance trips around town. Riders use bike sharing to get to work, school, and to access other forms of transportation such as bus and electric shuttle. Bike sharing is also ideal for running errands, going to appointments, or meeting up with friends. Others use bike sharing for exercise or simply exploring the city.

How do I purchase a pass?

You can purchase a pass in three ways:
1. Use the BCycle app to buy passes and to unlock bikes right from your phone. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

2. Buy a pass at a kiosk-ed station by following the step-by-step instructions on the touchscreen. (Please note that not every station has a kiosk touchscreen.)

3. Click on the Buy A Pass tab here to purchase on this site and then use the same log-in credentials to activate your pass on the app.

Why was my purchase rejected?

Your bank rejected the transaction. You are trying to use a prepaid card, your zip code in your profile does not match the card, or there are not the necessary funds for the authorization hold.

How long can I keep a bike?

The first 120 minutes of each ride is included in the base price of the pass or with your membership. Extra usage fees apply after 120 minutes--$8 per bike/hour. You can check a bike out again at no extra charge by selecting “Keep Riding” on the app or kiosk, as long as your pass is active. We call this Ride-Return-Repeat.

Can I get more than one bike with a pass?

One pass equals one bike checkout at a time. Users can rent up to 4 bikes at a time using the Day Pass option with 1 credit card at $10 per bike. Long term members would need to purchase additional day passes if they wanted more than one bike.

How many times can I ride with my pass?

As many times as you want while your Pass is active! The first 120 minutes of each ride is included in the price of the pass. Extra usage fees apply for rides that exceed 120 minutes. But you can check a bike out again at no extra charge by selecting “Keep Riding” on the app or kiosk. We call this Ride-Return-Repeat.

How do I check out a bike?

To use FWBS, you must purchase a pass, either via the BCycle app, at a kiosk or on our website. At the kiosk, type in the phone number associated with your account. On the phone click unlock (Location must be on) and choose the bike you would like to ride. Once the green light on the dock appears and you hear the beep, the bike is unlocked. Remove the bike from the dock by pulling backwards on the handlebars.

What are the fees if I keep it longer than two hours?

We charge $8 per hour/bike after the first two hours.

How do I return a bike?

Return the bike to any of our 62 stations with an open dock. You can locate the nearest available dock on the BCycle app. Once you’re at the dock, make sure the bike is lined up with the dock (on the correct side) and insert the bike with a good push. Locks will engage, you will hear 3 beeps, and see the green light flash to confirm your return.

Pro tip: Opt into text messages and you'll receive a text every time your bike is properly docked!

Do the bikes fit everyone?

FWBS' classic and electric bikes were designed to fit riders of a variety of heights and sizes. Each bike seat can be adjusted for height using the black/silver lever below the seat. The seat post also has numbers, so you can remember your height setting for future trips. Please note that our rider agreement requires riders to be 18 years or older.

How can I make sure my bike was docked correctly?

Line the front tire the middle of the dock and insert the bike. If a green light appears, the bike has locked into the dock, and your ride has ended. If a red light appears, the bike has not been locked into the dock. If no light appears, the bike has not been locked into the dock. If a red light or no light appears, remove the bike from the dock and try re-inserting the bike into the dock. If you have trouble docking your bike, call Customer Service at 817-348-0084.

Pro tip: Opt into text messages and you'll receive a text every time your BCycle is properly docked!

Does Fort Worth Bike Sharing offer any discounted memberships?

Yes, we offer Senior, Student, and Military discounts. See Pass Pricing for more details.

Do I need to keep an active credit card on file?

Since overage fees are incurred for rides longer than 120 minutes or for lost bikes, every member must have an active credit card on file. See Pricing for more information. To avoid disruption in service, please log into your account and update your information if your address changes or your credit card expires.

Can I lend my bike pass to someone else?

No. Annual, Explorer, and Day Passes cannot be shared and are not transferrable. As the account holder, you are responsible for any overage fees or lost bike fees if you lend your bike pass to a friend. Each rider must have their own pass to check out a bike.

If I cancel my membership do I get a refund?

All passes, membership fees, and overage fees are final. If you wish to cancel your membership, please email us at [email protected]

Is riding a Fort Worth Bike Sharing Bike safe?

While no form of transportation is risk-free, bike sharing has been designed with safety in mind. Our upright, cruiser-style bikes are built to be both durable and comfortable. Each bike has a bell, self-powered LED lights on the front basket and in the rear of the bike, and several reflectors to make sure it is easily seen by other people driving, walking, or riding. When riding FWBS, riders should stay alert to their surroundings - ex: don’t ride with headphones. We strongly encourage all riders to wear a helmet to reduce the risk of head injury in the event of an accident.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Although adults 18 years and older are not required by law to wear a helmet, all riders should wear a helmet to reduce the risk of head injury in case of an accident.

How do I ride safely in the city?

Ride with traffic.
Obey all traffic signs and signals.
Yield to pedestrians.
Stay off sidewalks.
Never ride distracted.
Use hand signals when turning.
Do not to weave in and out of traffic.

Is there anything I should do before starting a ride?

Adjust the seat for your height, press the brakes to gauge resistance, turn on the e-bike assist as applicable, and check that the tires are inflated. Do not try to ride a bike that appears damaged or out of order.

What should I do if my bike is stolen?

Riders are responsible for their bikes from the time they unlock them from a dock until they lock them in a dock after a ride. If your bicycle is stolen while it is checked out, file a police report by calling the local police department immediately. Call FWBS Customer Service at 817-348-0084. Riders will be responsible for the replacement of any stolen bike that was left unattended, which is $2,000. Bikes should NEVER be left unattended while checked out unless securely locked with the bike lock attached; if found insecure and unattended, there will be an Unattended Bike Fee at $50.

What should I do if I need to return my bike & the station is full?

Find the next closest station on the BCycle app station map or you may use the attached lock to secure the bike to a bike that is docked or to the station itself. If you lock the bike, please keep the key with you so we can retrieve it at a later time or locate a nearby business that will hold the key until we can pick it up. Please contact Customer Service at 817-348-0084 for further instructions. UNATTENDED BIKE FEE: $50. STOLEN/LOST BIKE FEE: $2,000.